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Clinical Pilates can work as a cornerstone to your recovery and wellbeing.

Pilates may become part of your treatment following an assessment by a Bay Freedom Physiotherapist, who will perform a subjective and objective assessment diagnosing the source of your pain or health problem.

Your physiotherapist will then use clinical reasoning to establish way you are suffering from your current symptoms. They will then assess the deep stabilising muscular system to ascertain the dysfunction and commence a motor control program.

At this point, your physiotherapist in consultation with a Bay Freedom Pilates Instructor will educate you on how to engage your abdominal cylinder in the context of your personal pathology. Clinical Pilates aims to reduce the symptoms of your pathology, improve your daily function and assist you in your sporting and athletic performance, pain free.

Pilates can improve the following, by focusing on:

  • An awareness of the body
  • Breath control
  • Improvement of co-ordination
  • Centring through the use of deep stabilising muscles
  • Increasing endurance
  • Expending less energy on more effective movements
  • Improving functional strength and flexibility
  • Correcting and improving posture
  • Precision movement
  • Retraining poor movement patterns
  • Relaxation
  • Increasing stamina

Our aim at Bay Freedom Physiotherapy and Pilates is to help you to manage your condition and to support your physical journey to optimum health. Our treatments aim to help you become, and stay pain free. 

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Book an appointment using HealthEngine

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