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Our team have expertise in a range of 'world's best practice' evidence based techniques and treatment options to best suit your conditions such as, to name just a few:

Gentle joint mobilisation to reduce pain, and stiffness using a variety of techniques to help muscles and joints to work to their full potential. It helps repair damage by speeding up the healing process while reducing pain and stiffness.

Reconditioning-300Muscle re-education strengthens, repairs and can prevent injury. Physiotherapists can have an important role in rehabilitation and can help prevent problems from returning or even happening in the first place.

Myotherapy (or muscle therapy) relieves pain, reduces swelling and speeds up the healing process. Myotherapy is a form physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. The philosophy of myotherapy is founded on Western medical principles including anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Techniques include massage, stretching, acupressure and dry needling/acupuncture.

Clinical Pilates builds core stability, general mobility, strength and fitness through a tailor-made exercise program consisting of mat, standing or apparatus facilitated exercises, stretches and positions that strengthen the core trunk and pelvic muscles.

The team at Bay Freedom Physiotherapy and Pilates will draw on a wide range of treatment options and therapies and tailor them to your specific needs.  

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Book an appointment using HealthEngine

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